Sentimental Christmas Tree

Is your Christmas tree sentimental?  Is it a walk down memory lane?  If you take a look at our tree, you can read us like a book!


Every year, when it’s time to get the Christmas ornaments out of storage, my eyes are looking for a special box that brings us great joy.  The box is filled with all the little pieces of precious art that our children made when they were young.  The little angels, once colorful paper chains, a pipe cleaner candy cane, an angel’s golden halo worn for a Christmas concert long ago, the adorable fuzzy little lamb, a reindeer with our artist’s name written completely backwards (he eventually figured it out).  Although you may think this looks like a box full of trash, all of these ornaments are very special to us.


My husband and I were married mid-December almost thirty, #ack, years ago. I carried a bouquet of beautiful silk flowers that I saved and we put onto a very sentimental second tree that we named the “wedding tree”.  Every year, it reminds us of all the fun we had with our family planning our wedding here on the farm in the farmhouse I grew up in.  Over the years, my mother gave us a few very special glass ornaments from her prized Christmas possessions.  They too, have a very special place on our “wedding tree”.  It’s something we can look at every day during Christmas and remember……oh, what sentimental fools we are LOL!


All of these ornaments and all the ornaments that were given to us as gifts give us great pleasure to see year after year.  It’s really like re-living all those special moments with family (tears streaming down my cheeks as I write this) again.  We are just a sentimental family.  How about you?

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