What’s Your Vision?

Well, Happy New Year Friends!  The Christmas tree has been taken down – I’m still un-decorating the house.  It always seems like I think I finished putting Christmas away, then I find something right out in the open that was missed a day or two later.  How about you?

We had a wonderful Christmas season with our family – love them soooo very much.  Now, it’s time to move on to a fresh start with the new year.  It’s time to reflect.  What worked, what didn’t.  We have some time to go through photos taken during our busy seasons, and start to plan for 2019.  It’s exciting and ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­daunting at the same time to start the year over again.

I’m not a written goal setter.  Are you?  It’s not that I don’t believe goals are not important, because they are.  Setting goals, writing them down, works for many, but has never really worked for me.  I’m very visual, you see.  There needs to be something creative to make me sit for a period of time to focus and be intentional.

Vision board, you say?  Yes!  If you want to try a new way to goal set, try putting together a vision board for yourself.  Below, is my vision board from 2018.  It was full of flowers which, coincidentally or not, was on my mind (and what was in my large magazine stash) wink, wink.  I wanted to grow more beautiful flowers than ever for my customers to pick here on our farm.  It would be my fifth season of PYO Flowers and I really wanted to step up my game.

img_1075.jpg Grab a piece or two of plain poster board.  Gather as many magazines as you can get your hands on – the more the merrier!  Don’t go out and buy new magazines, just use what you have stashed around (I’m a stasher, so this was no problem – insert eye rolling emoji), or ask friends and relatives for their magazine stashes.  Glue stick, scissors and a place where you can make a mess and leave it until you are finished is everything else that you need.

Go through the magazines, one page at a time.  When you see words or images that move you, tear that whole page out.  Lay it aside.  Keep flipping, tearing – don’t overthink!  Just go with what moves you.

After you have gone through all the magazines, organize your pages into images and words.  Then start cutting the images that move you out of the magazine pages and place them in one pile then cut the words out of the other and keep in another pile.  You may not use them all, again, don’t overthink this.

Grab your glue stick and start with the larger pieces and place them on the poster board.  You will pick up some images and/or words and think “what was I thinking”. Set it aside, or throw it away!  I glued all my picture on my board first, then glued the words on.  It was very therapeutic as I could see my vision come to life in front of me in a colorful collage.

When you are finished, keep your vision board in a prominent place in your home where you can see it every day.  I stood in front of mine every morning for a few months while I was sipping on my coffee just for a few minutes.  By the time summer came along, we were too busy and my vision board was ignored.

I grew, what I think, was an amazing flower garden despite having one of the most challenging summers weather wise ever here in South Central PA.  I met new friends and felt so much joy in their happiness cutting flowers.


Flowers have a way of not only saying, I love you, or this bouquet is just because I was thinking of you, or I picked this beautiful bouquet of flowers just for myself, because I am worth it!  Flowers heal the soul.  They rise from the dirt and take our breath away with their beauty!

I’ve had some time to go through some professional photo’s we had taken in our You Pick Flower Garden by Loving Memories Photography & Design.  It was a hot steamy summer’s evening, after a few days of rain, of course.  I found this photo.  Insert holy cow emoji – is there one?  There should be!


I had a strange urge while we were in the garden having photos taken to use a colorful chair.  Trust me, I had not looked at my vision board for months.  I can remember cutting out the colorful sofa that’s on my vision board above.  The sofa was definitely not in a home but in an outdoor setting, and I just had to place it on my vision board.  Who knew, months later, that photo would inspire me and I would use that vision in our flower garden for photos.  I’m just realizing this as I am writing this blog post and looking at the photos.  Wow, the power of the brain and what visualization can do!  Life becomes what you think about the most…..

Try a vision board, it’s not difficult, don’t make it be difficult.  Have fun with it.  Look at it every day and see what happens! I’m a believer and am running to the store for poster board this weekend.  I can’t wait to see what my vision will be for 2019.

I’ll share more photos of our lovely garden photo shoot that Loving Memories Photography and Design  took on that hot summer’s evening in 2018 as the 2019 season progresses.  I can’t say enough about Krista, her professionalism and ability to take such amazing photos in the heat while thwarting off mosquitoes that seemed to be attracted to only her!  I can’t wait to work with Loving Memories again on more photo shoots here at Family Tree Farm.

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Happy New Year friends!  Show me your vision boards!!

See you soon,


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